The Credit Education Coalition’s mission is to foster, through educational seminars, a regular exchange of information between the credit community and debtor advocates.


The Creditor Education Coalition is an organization which traces its roots to the Ad Hoc Creditors Committee started by Chapter 13 trustee Frank Pees. The organization began as an attempt by the Chapter 13 trustee’s office to bring together debtors and creditors. The original purpose of the Ad Hoc committee was to educate both creditor and debtor representatives about the bankruptcy process. The goal of that committee is effectively the goal of the CEC.

The CEC is overseen by a volunteer board of debtor and creditor representatives from the greater Columbus area. The organization sponsors two major educational seminars annually, typically in February and October.

The CEC was the first organization of its kind in the country to attempt bringing together both creditor and debtor advocates for the improvement of the bankruptcy system. The CEC prototype has now extended to other jurisdictions, most notably San Antonio.


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